Zach Lockwood is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter who blends the honesty of country lyrics with the contagious energy of multiple genres.

Zach was born in Old Lyme, Connecticut and has been involved in music since he was young. He has been writing, performing and singing on his own and in bands since high school. Zach moved to Nashville in 2011 to focus on his songwriting and music career. In 2014, Zach became a household name around Nashville writing circles, known for his fun and upbeat style and exceptional vocals. Writing with numerous artists and seasoned writers, Zach was signed in 2015 to a publishing and artist development deal with Old Gringo/Dis Keef Music. As of 2018, Zach and has been writing and performing with up and comer Nora Collins. Also working closely with reggae/ country group “Love Healers’ with former members of Bob Marley’s band The Wailers.


Zach's sound has and is ever evolving and is recognized as one of the brightest new talents in town. Mixing all styles and genres, his sound is uniquely eclectic. Zach's songs and performances are always high energy and the songwriting covers everything from the fun and light-hearted to the meaningful observations of life and love. Zach's goal is simple, "My greatest hope is that I can create music that people react to, that people relate to, something that people remember. I'm working hard to be the best I can at that, and I sense from the response I get from my music, I'm getting there." As time goes on, we should be hearing a lot of Zach's music doing just that.